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AMEN is a multi-sensory experience created in the former Sonart recording studio (Brussels) by Robberto and Milena Atzori, in 2019.


AMEN is a scenographic art show that introduces the visitor into the process of creation, that investigates how suggestions and personal attitude melt together with instinct giving life to objects. All individual fragments seem solitary but when we take a closer look or maybe take a step back we can see that everything is interconnected, only when we accept that we are lost everything will be revealed.


AMEN is a word that exists in all monotheistic religions. In its meaning of "SO BE IT," it presupposes a dialogue between two or more individuals: between those individuals, there must be an important sentence or a meaningful word so that the interlocutor can give his personal bless and his true wish to make it real.


AMEN suggests also and ending, and when things come to an end they also form a starting point for something else. With AMEN, Robberto and Milena Atzori, come to a turning point. Since two years they have a love affair with Brussels and their coinciding studies, research, and production culminates in the need to build a scenography to frame their “oeuvre”, their work of love inside the context of a monumental show, where the individual parts of their creative process are sewed together creating an immersive experience.

“The show is constructed as a physical journey inside our minds that leads the visitors into understanding and interpreting our artistic production: we want them to get lost both in the depth of our and their fantasies, and to immerse them in a multi-sensory experience along the path, this experience will, one way or another, end up in a work of art.

We have been inspired by the space itself that challenged us in the way that we want to create an interactive journey that can guide the public in the comprehension of our work.”

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