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Robberto (Italy, 1989) and Milena (Italy, 1988) Atzori form a duo of visual artists based in the Flemish Ardennes, Belgium. They specialize in blending painting and sculpture with textiles and embroidery.

Their artistic expression revolves around exploring the intricate relationship between society and individual obsessions, emphasizing the tension that emerges from opposing forces. The duo's practice is characterized by engaging in extended projects, wherein immersive installations are crafted to develop a cohesive body of work.

The Atzori duo's work draws on various aspects of universal and social memory, exploring the ceaseless struggle between life and death, science and mysticism, as well as materiality and spirituality.


Solo :

2024  - DROP - curated by Giulia Turati, La Halle Centre d'Art Contemporain, Pont-en-Royans, FR

2023 - LA FOULE - curated by Tania Nasielski, Centrale for Contemporary Arts, Brussels, BE

2022 - HYPNAGOGIE, curated by Mathieu Menten, Kult xl, Ixelles, Brussels, BE

2019 - AMEN, curated by Robberto & Milena Atzori, w-o-l-k-e, Brussels, BE

Group :

2024 - Strangers, curated by Igor Van Herzeele, Overlabt, Zottegem, BE

2024 - Botanique, curated by Elien Derycke, Het Perron, Ieper, BE

2024 - Les Liaison Désireuse, curated by Koen De Vlieger-De Wilde, Kasteel d'Ursel, Hingene, BE

2024 - Jardin d'Hiver, curated by Guy Malevez, CNP St'Martin, Namur, BE

2024 - Biennale Objet Textile, curated by Claire Baud-Berthier, La Manufacture Museum, Roubaix, FR

2024 - Draad, curated by Han Decorte & Kunstwerkt, Texture Museum, Kortrijk, BE

2023 - Coletivo, curated by J.Carvalho & C.Nordeste, Galeria Resistencia, Lisboa, PT

2023 - Input/Output, curated by Lieze Enema, Poortersloge, Brugge, BE

2023 - Prix Artistique Ville de Tournai, curated by François Delvoye, Maison de la Culture, Tournai, BE

2023 - Botanica, curated by Aurélie Leclercq, Atelier 2, Lille, FR

2023 - Zomer Salon, curated by Danielle Van Zuijlen, Kunsthal, Ghent BE

2021 - Prix des Arts, curated by Madelaine Pierloot, Centre Culturel de Woluwe St. Pierre, BE

2020 - Kult, curated by Justine Jacquemin, Galerie DYS, Brussels, BE

2020 - Me, My self and I, curated by Kristoff Tillieu, Black Swan Gallery, Bruges, BE

2020 - We Need You, curated by Céline Bataille, Centre Culturel de Schaerbeek, BE

2020 - Prix Médiatine, curated by France Deblaere, Médiatine, Woluwe St. Pierre BE

2019 - Entre le sommeil et le songe, curated by Kristoff Tillieu, Black Swan Gallery Bruges, BE

2019 - Horizon, curated by Charlotte Derclaye, Espace Wallonie, Liege, BE

2017 - Chunk3, curated by Federica Scolari, Basilica of Carmine, Brescia IT,

2017 - Matière Noire, curated by Carmen Main, Galerie Saint Laurent, Marseille, FR



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